The Magic Order

Writer: Mark Millar
Artists: Olivier Coipel (pencils and inks)

Ambiguous title aside, Mark Millar (Kick-Ass, Hit-girl, REBORN etc.) has really started something different with The MAGIC ORDER. Sure, there are magic wands and incantations galore as one might expect, but here the magic isn’t just some mystical thing only controlling the plot lines. These spells are also world affecting, time manipulation and other things usually reserved for the sci-fi genre are also being thrown in the mix. To cap it all, the artistic vision being presented here, a film-noir hardboiled feel, bleeds in there to great effect. The art style also changes vibes on you depending what kind of atmosphere the narration floats to. The bottom line – Mark Millar and company are poised to knock ‘em dead once again with great dialogue and a brisk pace keeping all the fun in bursts just fast enough that you will find yourself itching for issue #2!