The Long Con

Writers: Dylan Meconis & Ben Coleman
Artists: Ea Denich (art) M. Victoria Robado (colors)

The concept here at first feels all too familiar, as it appears that you are getting into a beat to death trope post apocalypse North America. The bombs were dropped and we are all screwed. However, this title from ONI PRESS is anything but meets the eye.

Without spoiling anything, there is a level of levity that isn’t present in far too many comics from most publishers. ONI is one of those wheelhouses that refuses to pass on great concepts no matter the gamble.  

The LONG CON is about journalism that’s less than serious to the chagrin of our titular reporter Victor. Newspapers have become essential once again after the world has collapsed. The apocalypse wasn’t as bad as everyone thought, although infrastructure is still a problem and the printed word has become a touchstone for the world.

Enter a comic convention that’s been going on for the last ten years after the cataclysm. The cosplayers and fans have been sequestered in their convention, cut off from the rest of civilization, Unaware that things aren’t as bad as they seem. Hilarity and hi-jinx ensue!   The art is a complete joy! Reminiscent of Evan Dorkin’s most strange and fun stuff with panel after panel of cartoon-y characters and detailed environments. Everything here is just fun stuff! Pick up a copy, giggle and smile the whole way through! This comic hits all the right tones and promises to be another of ONI’s more unique and funny ventures!