The New World

Writer: Ales Kot
Artists: Tradd Moore (artist) Heather Moore (colorist)

It would seem every other week the trope of dystopian futures plays out in obtuse and generic ways. THE NEW WORLD immediately distances itself from the pack. For starters the art is beautiful. You won’t find the drab color palettes of grey, brown or black. The art is vibrant and alive! Bright colors and heavy line work enrich the reading process and transport you to this strange, utterly fascinating take on some familiar feeling plot devices.

The story is fleshed out by delving deeply into the motivations of media. The people ultimately control via voting online whether police officers arrest or execute criminals in almost a gladiatorial, generic television reality competition system. Touched on here are characters that can be considered terrorists or misanthropes for or against the status quo.  

This little book is showing allot of promise. Solid writing and super unique art like this don’t come paired often enough. Do not miss this one, folks! The post apocalypse just got a whole lot more interesting.