Month: July 2018

Ruin World

KABOOM! STUDIOSWriter: Derek LaufmanArtist: Derek LaufmanREVIEWED by: MICKEY The hyper edgy, horror and sci-fi mature tittles dominate the landscape of many publishers rosters each and every month. This isn’t a dig at those companies, we all enjoy those titles that seem to prove that funny-books aren’t just for ‘kids.’ We can forget, however, that this…
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Clan Killers

AFTERSHOCKWriter: Sean LewisArtists: Antonio Fuso (art) Stefano Simeone (colors)REVIEWED by: MICKEY CLAN KILLERS is another foray into Irish lore and semi-based around the history of clan warfare and the amalgam of traditional Pagan beliefs and Roman Catholic infringement upon them. You will still find those today who still believe the old ways and most likely…
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