Month: August 2018

The New World

IMAGE COMICSWriter: Ales KotArtists: Tradd Moore (artist) Heather Moore (colorist)REVIEWED by: MICKEY It would seem every other week the trope of dystopian futures plays out in obtuse and generic ways. THE NEW WORLD immediately distances itself from the pack. For starters the art is beautiful. You won’t find the drab color palettes of grey, brown…
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The Long Con

ONI PRESSWriters: Dylan Meconis & Ben ColemanArtists: Ea Denich (art) M. Victoria Robado (colors)REVIEWED by: MICKEY The concept here at first feels all too familiar, as it appears that you are getting into a beat to death trope post apocalypse North America. The bombs were dropped and we are all screwed. However, this title from…
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Bone Parish

BOOM! STUDIOSWriter: Cullen BunnArtists: Jonas Scharf (art) Alex Guimaraes (colors) REVIEWED by: MICKEY Cullen Bunn is definitely one of the best writers out there. He’s written more comics than most for every major publisher of note. His latest effort for BOOM is another slam dunk. Bone Parrish is a story set in the underworld of…
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