Ruin World

Writer: Derek Laufman
Artist: Derek Laufman

The hyper edgy, horror and sci-fi mature tittles dominate the landscape of many publishers rosters each and every month. This isn’t a dig at those companies, we all enjoy those titles that seem to prove that funny-books aren’t just for ‘kids.’ We can forget, however, that this stuff is supposed to be fun! All ages titles can definitely be a chore to find, with few new IP’s coming that aren’t tied to an uber franchise.  

Enter a little book from KABOOM!, BOOM studios family friendly wheelhouse. RUIN-WORLD hits every little sweet spot that an adventure title should have. The cutesy characters and whimsical personalities are complimented by superb character designs. This book very much follows the vein of Jeff Smith’s BONE, with action and paced storytelling that doesn’t pander to children, but leaves enough in the character development for adults to enjoy! It’s just good fun. This first issue introduces the anthropomorphic protagonists, Pogo and Rex. They are in the middle of a quest that quickly turns sour and leaves our heroes in the lurch. Before the tale ends, Laufman introduces new characters, in a way that shows the reader we’d better hang on! The plot only thickens!