Clan Killers

Writer: Sean Lewis
Artists: Antonio Fuso (art) Stefano Simeone (colors)

CLAN KILLERS is another foray into Irish lore and semi-based around the history of clan warfare and the amalgam of traditional Pagan beliefs and Roman Catholic infringement upon them. You will still find those today who still believe the old ways and most likely still show up for High Mass and confession.

There are a couple titles out there exploring the supernatural realm of Irish lore, partly because it is rich and rife with larger than life characters and spirits.  

In CLAN KILLERS you will find a highly stylized type of art that would be right at home in say, a VERTIGO book with heavy shadows and broad color pallets. In this inaugural outing the stage is set for violent and supernatural battles on the horizon while introducing us to the cast of colorful heroes and villains, orphans, and feudal kings. This promises to be an action packed, brutal hack and slash sword and sorcery horror extravaganza! Get in while the getting’s good!