Bone Parish

Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artists: Jonas Scharf (art) Alex Guimaraes (colors)

Cullen Bunn is definitely one of the best writers out there. He’s written more comics than most for every major publisher of note. His latest effort for BOOM is another slam dunk. Bone Parrish is a story set in the underworld of New Orleans and involves the manufacture of a new drug that allows people to feel what it’s like to be anything their heart desires.

There is a major flaw in the manufacturing side of things however. The catch being, the drug is made from the bone powder of a person who lived the life the user wishes to experience. So, the supply and demand are a hard quota to meet, and the consequences of a bad trip are dire!  

There are no good guys in this tale, but there are definitely those more evil than the rest of the this cast of criminal entrepreneurs. All in all, this book is a fresh take on the mafia and other crime families struggling to keep themselves on top, ultimately money and power is an elusive mistress all wish to possess!

Cullen Bunn has woven a very interesting tale set against the backdrop of New Orleans’ good time having on the surface, with the hard realities of what it takes to maintain that visage behind the scenes! Take the ride as this up and coming syndicate family tries to maintain superiority and financial solvency amid the perilous world of drugs and those that wish to assimilate or dominate!