The Crow #1

IDW comics
Writer: Roberto Recchioni
Artist: Werther Dell’Edera, Giovanna Niro (colors)

There is so much legend built around James O. Barr’s THE CROW, from tragic deaths to failed movies and television sequels. With that said, this new character who dons the mantle is plucked right out of the Catholic heavy ether and plopped into our laps.  

Anyone who read the CROW in the nineties, or are familiar with the ill-fated adaptation which saw the death of Brandon Lee, will be at home in this dark world where the familiar only enhances the experience.  

The book provides prose in narration and as much vindicated violence as ever. The art fits the setting and is interesting enough to leave you lost in the immersive lilting dark set pieces. The return to this world is a welcome sight to see. Don’t leave yourself out of this action heavy and equally compelling story, that is definitely staying topical from jump street!