Kick-Ass #1

Writer: Mark Millar
Artist: John Romita JR

It’s been awhile since the creators of the ultra-cool, hard boiled world of KICK-ASS have graced fans with another iteration. The world still feels fresh with a new person donning the suit. A topical comic is always what these fine gentlemen craft for our enjoyment. Not spoiling anything by saying, the world in which these characters come to life is very much rooted in the current state of veterans’ affairs and the terrible way they still get treated by society. The hero here is very much forced into a bind that many heroes and heroines, in real life, find themselves in, broken homes and few secular opportunities. What jobs they find, often make it impossible for them to use things like the G.I. Bill to further their education and gain the lives they fought for the rest of us to have.

This compelling subject matter is treated with respect and doesn’t exploit that plight as a frivolous plot device. The action is fast and ferocious as we have come to expect from Millar and J.R, J.R in their carefully executed violence and social commentary.  New comers to the franchise should not be dissuaded in picking this title up for fear of being unfamiliar with KICK-ASS as this a new fan friendly venture. Be on the lookout for other stories in the near future from the KICK-ASS crew, as there are new titles slated for later in the year. Run! Don’t walk! This title is already smashing records and there is no slowing this train!