Death or Glory #1

Writer: Remender
Artist: Bengal

There hasn’t been a title that even comes close to the perfect blend of south west justice, gangsters, or over the top action set pieces, including car chases that rank up there with great films like Vanishing Point or Bullet.

This little romp takes chances and deliverers in every way possible; as well as introducing everyday people in such a way, you feel for their plight. You get the idea that family and friends are things that you will play it to the bone to show loyalty for.  

All that heady stuff aside, the inner monologue of the female protagonist drives the narrative. The accompanying art is severely on point! Action so fluid, you feel as if you are in a movie, as your eyes dart across the pages! At the end you are left with a serious cliffhanger that in no way was telegraphed by anything leading up to. You will not regret getting on board with this action heavy tale with heart!