Hit-Girl #1

Writer: Mark Millar
Artists: Ricardo Lopez Ortiz (pencils and inks) Sunny Gho (colors)

Mindy is back & she is in full on kill mode as usual, foul mouth and all. Millar pulls no punches with arguably his most colorful character to date. The setting might be a little different, but the baddies deserve what they have coming. She has also gone rogue in the recruitment department! Of all the KICK-ASS characters that inhabit this universe, Mindy is by far one of the most interesting and complex. Her motivations are clear, but the execution of these ideas never cease to entertain! We might have a new person donning the KICK-ASS cowl, but having Mindy back and in rare form is just what the doctor ordered! If any indication of how fast the new iteration of KICK-ASS flew off shelves, you should rush to pick this new story of an old familiar up!! The art is reminiscent of some of the best ninety’s underground artists like Mahfood or some of the better full-size manga, subversive in your face, Marvel Knights: Punisher stuff. In other words, sick and slick!