Isola #1

Writer’s: Brenden Fletcher and Karl Kerschl
Artist’s: Karl Kerschl and Msassyk

When there is allot of hype surrounding a new comic, there tends to be a little trepidation for some readers. Rightly so, with most comics ranging from $4 to $5 bucks a pop. That being said, there should be no hesitation in adding this new series to your pull lists.

It’s hard to give spoilers in this very cryptic title; there isn’t a barrage of back story. As the reader, you are left with tense action and a sense of wonder at the color palette. The world in ISOLA is one of magic and brutality, in equal parts, however the artwork is truly the draw to this inaugural debut, with much of what transpires in the story told through it. What words that are spoken just deepen the sense of a kingdom in turmoil and begs to be revisited in the next issue. This is one carrot and cart you need to experience to appreciate!