New Challengers #1

Writer: Scott Snyder & Aaron Gillespie
Artist: Andy Kubert (pencils) Klaus Janson (inks)

The NEW CHALLENGERS pedigree is nowhere near in question. Everyone involved are at the top of the pile when it comes to talent! Klaus Janson’s inks are the real star here; the man puts more love into his work than most, he never phones it in and always delivers.

Scott Snyder always shows up with guns loaded for bear, as well. The story kind of jumps around like a Tarantino flick, but ultimately pays off in the end.  

All in all, the story of living dead heroes of the cosmos starts with a bang and doesn’t really let up until the credits roll, beckoning you to stick around for subsequent issues to follow. In a realm where super teams abound, the cast of characters here don’t feel also-ran. Even though they are basically shanghaied from the moments of their deaths to this new position of galactic do-gooders, each of them has their own reasons for diving head first into universe saving adventure! If you are looking for a solid new book that comes with the bells and whistles of a new project from this legendary creative team, don’t hesitate and pick yourself up a copy of New CHALLENGERS today!