EXiles Volume 1

Writer: Saladin Ahmed
Artist: Javier Rodriguez (pencilist and contourist) Alvaro Lopez (inker) Jordie Bellaire (colorist)  
Reviewed By: Irah Brown

The EXiles is a series made of characters from the lost and found bins of altered timelines and shattered alternate realities. It’s the story of heroes and villains unlucky enough to be caught outside of time travel incidents or total universal destruction. Having no home to return to, they scour the infinite timelines are loosely guided by the Tallus to correct hiccups with devastating butterfly effects. At least this is what they were. Our heroine, Blink, is abruptly plucked from her would-be retirement by the Tallus and charged with a mission to set up a new team of eXiles to stop an impending doom that will end the whole of the multiverse if not stopped. All of the characters are diverse not only in their abilities but in their time in life.

A future Kamala Khan brings a calloused and almost bitter worldview as she is the aged vet of a post-apocalyptic future. On the other side of the spectrum we see an immature alternative Iron Lad. Blink being guided loosely by the near sentient Tallus has to wrangle her team of chosen champions in what undoubtedly will be a wild ride.