Delta 13 #1

Writer: Steve Niles
Artist: Nat Jones

DELTA 13 feels at first like a well-worn sci-fi genre trope, that is until you start to feel this dark and ominous, almost claustrophobic interiors. On top of making the void of space feel that way too, there is also this subtle way of detaching yourself from the crew of this exploratory vessel. There is a noticeable shift from the very sparse artwork of the people and ship interiors too the big detailed scope of the exteriors, almost as if outer-space is more of a character in the story than the disposable sci-fi crew.

This first installment feels more like a #0 introduction to the ship, crew and the things that shouldn’t be in the universe. But what is found within the last few pages really sets the tone for something big and definitely dark. I.D.W. hasn’t faltered thus far in setting up a horror franchise that really grabs you and holds your imagination on a dark path. The space setting is something familiar enough to make this palpable. Although the terror isn’t spelled out for us at first, the deep darkness beckons.