Month: May 2018

Domino #1

MARVEL comicsWriter: Gail SimoneArtists: David Baldeon (pencils and inks) Jesus Aburtov (colours)REVIEWED by: MICKEY Easily one of the coolest mutants to come out of the nineties X-books has got to be DOMINO, with her esoteric mutant ‘luck’ powers that manifests in ways that often just let her escape certain doom, but not entirely unscathed. Boy…
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30 Days Of Night #1

IDWWriter: Steve NilesArtists: Piotr Kowalski (pencils and ink) Brad Simpson (colorist)REVIEWED by: MICKEY A new age of horror comics is upon us! While the big two have dabbled in horror for the past few years, IDW is no stranger to the genre. In fact, in many ways they are leading the charge. They have made…
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Coda #1

BOOM! STUDIOSWriter: Sion SpurrierArtist: Matias Bergara (illustrations) Michael Doig (colors) REVIEWED by: MICKEY Stick with me here. A magical realm that has gone through an apocalyptic event. The pools of magic dry up, much like resources in a Mad Max scenario. Everyone has resorted to scavenging relics and bits of magical creatures, like the decayed…
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