Coda #1

Writer: Sion Spurrier
Artist: Matias Bergara (illustrations) Michael Doig (colors)

Stick with me here. A magical realm that has gone through an apocalyptic event. The pools of magic dry up, much like resources in a Mad Max scenario. Everyone has resorted to scavenging relics and bits of magical creatures, like the decayed flesh of a still sentient, although quite dead, dragon.

This apocalyptic landscape has its heroes and villains. Its created monsters of some and gangsters of others. At its core this a do or die situation of one man trying to gather the resources he needs to find and rescue his beloved wife.  

The art in this book is just fantastic! Creatures come alive with beautiful line work and colors that are dreamy and subtle. This perfectly juxtaposes the air tight narrative and bizarre world that draws you into this deftly handled story! There is whole world created in one issue that could be mined much like Jeff Lemiure’s Black Hammer series. This book is definitely one you need in your pulls list!