Domino #1

MARVEL comics
Writer: Gail Simone
Artists: David Baldeon (pencils and inks) Jesus Aburtov (colours)

Easily one of the coolest mutants to come out of the nineties X-books has got to be DOMINO, with her esoteric mutant ‘luck’ powers that manifests in ways that often just let her escape certain doom, but not entirely unscathed. Boy is she back at it!

This re-vamp of DOMINO is helm-ed by current visionary, Gail Simone. She has headed up major titles for D.C. and marvel including Birds of Prey and DEADPOOL. Her finely tuned skills really shine through in this particular book, in that she has a knack for writing female characters; not only being heavy hitters alongside their male counterparts, but also remaining distinctly feminine. No punch is pulled in that regard! There is no placating or overt man hate, just solid character development and flawed, but endearing personalities. In that, she nails the real-life day to day issues of both men and women even if they happen to don the spandex and fight the good fight!

Everything in this book is firing on all cylinders. Action, intrigue, cameos that add levity and a very human touch to the often hard to relate to hero books. Do yourself a solid and take DOMINO for a spin!