Bubba Ho-Tep #1

Writer: Joshua Jabcuga
Artists: Tadd Galusha (artist)

BUBBA HO-TEP is based on a film that sees a geriatric Elvis played by Bruce Campbell and a geriatric Ozzy Davis playing a very alive, but aging, black J.F.K. They save their retirement home from a soul stealing mummy straight out of the old-west! Its quirky, fun, and ambitiously weaves staples of the marginalized mummy genre into the mix.

This iteration is set earlier in the Kings life, as he’s heading a team of paranormal fixers, each with their own skill set to lend. The one pulling the strings is the infamous ‘Colonel’ who’s calling the shots and collecting the rewards! The humor is dry, but the backdrop of New Orleans and a feeling of not being confined by tropes, makes this a fun little read. The dialog and art are both engaging. Take BUBBA HO-TEP for a spin and see if a mental pink Cadillac for the imagination doesn’t show up on queue!